You shouldn’t buy a solar system from a company that doesn’t have an electrical engineer on staff.

When properly designed, a solar system will deliver all the energy a building needs and a little bit more.
Sometimes it will be greater than the 125 percent of the National Electric Code recommended current.
That is why at Mardel Souza we design/install with a higher safety factor.
It is also why it is so important that whoever is installing and selling the equipment needs to have a bachelors degree in electrical engineering.
If you buy a solar system from a car salesman you will receive the same type of guarantee of a car, making sure you will have problems in the long run.
On the other hand, when you hire an engineer to do the installation, guarantee your system to last the 25 years of its life expectancy.
You should also make sure that all the sales representatives in the company you hire have engineering degrees, especially in electricity.
So remember just as you would not buy meat in a wood shop, you should not buy a solar system from a company that does not have an electrical engineer on staff!

Alejandro Peña

Mardel Souza Inc

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