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Wind energy is the energy obtained from wind, ie the kinetic energy generated by the effect of air currents, and is converted into other useful forms of energy for human activities.

A wind energy is a renewable energy source that uses wind power to generate electricity. The primary means to obtain are the windmills, “windmills” of variable size with its blades transform the kinetic energy of wind into mechanical energy. Wind energy can be obtained by installing wind turbines both on dry ground and in the ocean floor.

Is an abundant, renewable, clean and helps reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by replacing energy sources based on fossil fuel resource, which makes it a kind of green energy. The environmental impact of this type of energy is also generally less problematic than other energy sources.

Turbiny_wiatrowe_ubtWind energy is quite stable and predictable annual level, although there are significant variations shorter time scales. By increasing the proportion of wind energy produced in a particular region or country, it is essential to establish a series of improvements to the local power grid. Various power control techniques, such as greater energy storage capacity, a wide geographical distribution of wind turbines, the availability of backup power sources, the possibility of exporting or importing power to neighboring areas or reducing demand when wind production is lower, puden help greatly mitigate these problems. Additionally, weather forecasting allows grid managers to be prepared in terms of anticipated changes in wind production that may occur in the short term.

How it work?

A mill is a has blades or blades attached to a common shaft, which starts turning when the wind machine. This rotary shaft is attached to various types of machinery, such machinery to grind grain, pump water or produce electricity.

For electricity, the movement of the blades or vanes drives an electric generator that converts the mechanical energy of rotation into electricity. The electricity stored in batteries or can be poured directly to the network. The operation is quite simple, and what is going complejizando is building wind turbines that are increasingly efficient.

The most common problems presented by wind turbines is its large size and the vibration and noise they cause. For this reason they are often located in remote areas of housing. But companies and scientists around the world are working to build small wind turbines (see here) or silent (which we discussed in Erenovable here and here) that may be located in urban areas.

But one of the problems of greatest concern in the field of wind power generation is the variability of the source, ie wind. Wind turbines generally are prepared to function optimally when the wind within a certain speed range. For one certain minimum speed required to move the blades, on the other hand there is also a maximum.

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  • Wind turbines are designed to exploit the wind energy that exists at a location. Aerodynamic modeling is used to determine the optimum tower height, control systems, number of blades and blade shape.

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