LED Ligths

The LED bulbs have many advantages over the sources of the incandescent and fluorescent, such as low power consumption, a longer life, small size and resistance to vibration, low emission of heat, do not contain mercury (where the exposure in the environment is highly detrimental) compared with fluorescent technology, not create high magnetic fields as magnetic induction technology, with higher residual radiation which is created for the human being; They reduce noise on the power lines they are special for use with photovoltaic systems (solar panels) compared to any other current technology; not affected by the intermittent ignition (ie can function as strobe lights) and this does not reduce its average life, they are special for systems explosion-proof because they have a strong material, and in most colors (except blue ledes ), have a high level of reliability and durability.

lamparas-led-5The LED bulbs have the advantage of time on very short (less than 1 millisecond) compared with high power lamps are luminaires high intensity sodium vapor, metal halide, halide or halogenated and other systems incandescent technology.


  • Significantly reduced energy consumption compared to traditional lighting such as incandescent bulbs, halogen, among others.
  •  Estimated life time high.
  • They work at very low voltage and current which makes them more secure and reliable implementation.
  • They generate virtually no heat (when implemented at low power).
  • Instantaneous response time.


One thought on “LED Ligths

  • LED lamps are high intensity point sources of light. As such looking directly at them is damaging for the eye. The reason for this is the same as for looking at the sun on a solar eclipse. At daytime the bright light causes the pupil to contract and activates a reflex to blink or look away. With a point light source this reflex does not activate but the damage to the retina is the same just to a smaller area of it.

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